Fall Seminars

Cynthia and Tim are at the top of the field regarding Family and Divorce Law. Their level of experience in this area allows me to learn more from them than from other CLE courses.

— Dennis R. Vetrano, Jr. Esq.

Spring '18 Seminar
I. Preparing Your Case: Preliminary Issues
II. Getting the Information You Need: A Tour of Article 31 Disclosure Devices
III. Depositions: A Legal and Practical Approach
IV. Electronic Disclosure: What You Need & How You Get It
V. Negotiating Settlements: Using Psychological Principles & Techniques
VI. Negotiating Settlements: Practical Approaches
VII. Preparing Your Trial Notebook
VIII. Final Stages of Trial Preparation
How To Prepare Your Case: For Trial or Settlement!


Ask any seasoned practitioner what the three most important steps to success are and invariably the answer will be:  Preparation !Preparation! Preparation! Whether you bring your case to conclusion by negotiation in the conference room or by litigation in the courtroom, your best results come when you are thoroughly, even obsessively, prepared.  

7 Professional Credits - Pending Approval