Charise Greene

Company Name: 
Seriatim Inc
charise [at] seriatim [dot] net

Your clients are facing one of the two greatest transitions in life: marriage or divorce. The stress from moving out of a home, dealing with infinite amounts of paperwork and making the transition to a new life can be overwhelming, but there is help. Seriatim, a New York-based professional organizing company, can enhance the legal services provides its clients by alleviating this stress.

Whether one party or the whole family is moving out of the house, Seriatim steps in with on-site household preparation and settling-in services. We are not movers, but we work with them; our personalized services include preparing a home for an Open House, coordinating vendor appointments such as storage or movers, unpacking every box at the new home, or simply sorting financial and personal files. We also offer a sophisticated household inventory for our clients in which values are assigned to digitally-photographed goods.

We specialize in the harmonization of the home surrounding large life changes.