Brett Turner

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National Legal Research Group
bturner [at] nlrg [dot] com

National Legal Research Group is the nation's oldest and largest legal research firm. Formed in 1969, we have a full-time staff of over 30 specialized research attorneys. In addition to the experience we have acquired through working with more than 37,000 lawyers from across the United States, our attorneys have strong academic credentials, diverse geographic backgrounds, and many have years of experience in private practice. They come from 28 different law schools and have been admitted to practice in 22 different states. Many were engaged in private practice for a many years prior to joining our firm.

NLRG's services are easy to use. At any time during your day, you can call our toll-free number ((800) 727-6574). Within minutes, you will be connected with a Senior Attorney specializing in your area of law. Within reasonable limits, we do not charge for an initial consultation. Guidance from family law specialists with this level of experience is always literally one telephone call away.

If you decide after the initial consultation that our research services will be helpful, you have complete control over the project. You set the issues to be addressed, the jurisdiction(s) to be covered, the product to be prepared, and the specific due date for the project. Most importantly, you approve our budget estimate. We will not exceed the estimate without your prior permission.

NLRG's billing rates vary by attorney, but the family law team presently uses a budget of $130 per hour for purposes of setting budget estimates. In addition, we add a 5% surcharge to all attorney time to cover the cost of our WESTLAW access. The billing rate increases by $25 per hour to all billing rates if you need a product back within five full working days. Where time is limited, we can often complete a project within as little as 24 hours. Two weeks is our usual turnaround time. As you can see, not only do NLRG's attorneys have years of expertise, but our billing rates are usually significantly less than those charged by practicing attorneys.

We have been in business since 1969—over 30 years of service to practitioners in all areas of the law. We work out of our own building, in Charlottesville, Virginia, with a two-story law library. We have unlimited access to WESTLAW, so that the full statutory and case law of all 50 states is literally on the desktop of all of our attorneys. We supplement our computer access with a full library of books, including leading treatises in most areas of the law. We are also only 10 minutes away from the University of Virginia law library.

Brett Turner has been lead attorney on the Family Law team since 1985, roughly half of NLRG's history. His 900-page treatise on equitable distribution, published in 1994, since been cited by courts in many different states. If you attend nationwide seminars given by the American Bar Association Family Law Section, or statewide seminars in Virginia, you may well have received CLE credits for hearing Brett speak. Brett's colleagues on the Family Law Team, Sandra Thomas and Karen Villamarie have many years of experience both as Family Law practitioners and with NLRG.