Evaluating Evaluations: An Attorney’s Handbook for Analyzing Child Custody Reports - NEW

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Evaluating Evaluations:  An Attorney's Handbook for Analyzing Child Custody Reports can make all the difference for attorneys representing parents or children.  While there are many worthy tomes on the market that discuss custody evaluations, what makes Dr. Jeffrey Wittmann’s Evaluating Evaluations unique is that it takes up where the others leave off!  It provides a comprehensive and detailed step-by-step system that attorneys can apply to custody reports to discern both their strengths and weakness.  Dr. Wittmann presents his Custody Assessment Analysis System (CAAS) in an easily understood and readily applied format that the attorney can put to work immediately in his or her practice.  He essentially leads the reader through a process for parsing reports developed over his years of functioning as a trial consultant that is rooted in the forensic and clinical judgment literature and that provides detailed annotations for each of the model’s main components.  When used side-by-side with the companion Custody Assessment Analysis System Workbook what was once a daunting venture into a morass of psycho-jargon becomes a clear roadmap to astute analysis and, ultimately, to persuasive courtroom presentation. 



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