Custody Assessment Analysis System Workbook (CAAS) - NEW


44 Pages 

Custody Assessment Analysis System Workbook (CAAS) by Dr. Jeffrey P. Wittmann is a companion tool for use with Evaluating Evaluations:  An Attorney's Handbook for Analyzing Child Custody Reports.  In a clear, concise, structured, and comprehensive manner the CAAS workbook offers a step-by-step sequence of tasks for the practicing attorney to complete while analyzing a forensic custody report.   The CAAS workbook is a tool for recording answers to a series of interrogatories about forensic reports that will help the attorney gradually crystalize a thorough analysis of the forensic document, an analysis that can then form the basis for effective cross-examination or client guidance about case-strategy.  Armed with a completed analysis via the CAAS workbook, advocates for parents or children will be in a better position to discern whether a report should be considered adequately reliable or fatally flawed, toward the end of providing effective, informed advocacy for their client.

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