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CLE Accredited Audio Program

Hands-on programs taught by one of the best presenters in the field. CLE Credits are available for these programs, as long as you purchase the book & audio together. New Attorneys may not receive CLE credit for Audio Programs. Financial Aid Policy: Matlaw maintains a financial aid policy in accordance with the requirements of the CLE Board. Inquiries with respect to the same are welcome.

NEW!! Ultimate Update 2017
Divorce Economics Institute - 2016
How To Prepare Your Case: For Trial or Settlement!
Courtroom Evidence 2017
Ultimate Update 2016
How to Handle a Custody Trial - 2011
How to Prepare Your Case: for Trial or Settlement 2013

Journals & Publications

Ultimate Update 2016
Cross Examination: A Primer for the Family Lawyer - NEW
Custody Assessment Analysis System Workbook (CAAS) - NEW
Evaluating Evaluations: An Attorney’s Handbook for Analyzing Child Custody Reports - NEW
Valuation in Matrimonial Cases: Trial Manual 2013
The Basis of Expert Testimony: Expert Evidence & The Hearsay Rule
Cross-Examination: A Trial Prep Checklist
Direct-Examination: A Trial Prep Checklist
Court of Appeals Review 2010
Equitable Distribution: A Law in Search of Principles - 2009
How to Draft Well-Constructed Custody Appointment Orders - 2011
The Dynamics and Strategies of Negotiating an Agreement
Maintenance Legislation - NEW JULY 2015
The Divorce Reform Legislation – Parsed for Perspicuity (2010)
ORDER NOW! Evidence: Trial Manual - NEW 2018
Family Court Review