The New York courts have distinguished the federal courts’ cost shifting analysis in electronic discovery from the general rule in New York that the party requesting disclosure of electronic records should bear the cost of their production. [1]  In a case where the husband’s laptop computer (owned by his employer) was used as the “family computer” at home, the court permitted access to the computer records by a forensic expert of the wife’s choosing.

In any valuation, it is necessary to understand the benefits associated with an ownership interest (returns), and the risks associated with achieving those returns in future periods.  After all, value is a function of perceived risk and return expectation.  This article is intended to help identify the returns and risks unique to asset managers; principally hedge fund and private equity fund managers.

Having been a forensic accountant/appraiser in hundreds of matrimonial cases, there’s rarely a case involving a closely held business where the non-titled spouse doesn’t make an accusation of unreported income by the titled spouse or, at a minimum, significant personal expenses being run through the business and reported under the guise of legitimate business deductions.  Such allegations are generally intended to act as leverage during negotiations and to increase the value of the underlying business for equitable distribution purposes 

Purposes of the Initial Consultation.
Though there are  numerous activities which occur during an initial consultation, such as fact-gathering, explaining the law, and rendering advice, there are really just two principal purposes:


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