250 forms

TIPS MatMaster

List of Forms

Automatic assembly of 250+ customizable practice documents

Tips_001    Statement of Client Rights
Tips_002    Retainer Agreement 1
Tips_MIL    Printable MIL

Tips_007    Summons
Tips_008    Summons with Notice(Separation)
Tips_009    Summons with Notice (Separation/Divorce)
Tips_010     Summons with Notice (Divorce)
Tips_011    Notice of Appearance
Tips_006    Notice of No Necessity
Tips_012    Verified Complaint
Tips_013    Verified Answer and Counterclaim
Tips_014    Verified Reply
Tips_015    Affidavit Pursuant to DRL 75-j
Tips_016    Affidavit Pursuant to DRL 75-j (Plural)
Tips_017    Affidavit of Service by Mail
Tips_018    Affidavit of Service (Commencing Action)
Tips_019    Statement of Service by Mail (CPLR 312-a)
Tips_343    Request for Preliminary Conference
Tips_344    Affirmation Good Faith for Preliminary Conference
Tips_340    Request for Judicial Intervention (RJI)
Tips_341    Order Directing Preliminary Conference
Tips_207    Preliminary Conference Stipulation
Tips_342    Preliminary Conference Order
Tips_204     Note of Issue/Certificate of Readiness
Tips_005    Certification Requirement
Tips_209    Findings of Fact/Conclusions of Law
Tips_211    Judgment of Divorce (Contested)
Tips_825      Defendant's Consent to Refer Uncontested Matrimonial  Action

Official    (DRL 236)
Tips_332    SNW 1 (Client Work Sheet 1)
Tips_333    SNW 2 (Client Work Sheet 2)
Tips_334     SNW Combined Official Format
Tips_028    Asset and Debt Worksheet

Equitable Distribution
Tips_205    Statement of Proposed Disposition
Tips_300     Marital Property Schedule
Tips_301     Separate Property Schedule
Tips_302     Debts Schedule
Tips_303     Equitable Distribution Schedule Format 1
Tips_304     Equitable Distribution Schedule Format 2

Back-up Documentation
Tips_335     Back-up Documentation

Tips_033    Generic Affidavit
Tips_035    Pendente Lite-Notice of Motion
Tips_036    Pendente Lite-Order to Show Cause
Tips_037    Pendente Lite-Client Aff in Supp (Opp)
Tips_038    Pendente Lite-Client Aff in Opposition
Tips_039    Pendente Lite-Client Reply Affidavit
Tips_040    Pendente Lite-Atty Aff in Support (Opp)
Tips_041    Pendente Lite-Atty Aff in Opposition
Tips_042    Pendente Lite-Atty Reply Affidavit
Tips_043    Pendente Lite-Expert Aff (Business)
Tips_044    Pendente Lite-Expert Aff (Real Estate)
Tips_045    Pendente Lite-Expert Aff (Pension)
Tips_046    Pendente Lite-Expert Aff (Generic)
Tips_047     Pendente Lite-Witness Affidavit
Tips_048    Pendente Lite-Order
Tips_050    Money Judgment-Order to Show Cause
Tips_051    Money Judgment-Client Aff in Supp (Opp)
Tips_052    Money Judgment-Client Aff in Opposition
Tips_053    Money Judgment-Client Reply Affidavit
Tips_054    Money Judgment-Atty Aff in Supp (Opp)
Tips_055    Money Judgment-Atty Aff in Opposition
Tips_056    Money Judgment-Atty Aff in Reply
Tips_057    Money Judgment-Order
Tips_060    Compel Disclosure-Notice of Motion
Tips_061    Compel Disclosure-Order to Show Cause
Tips_062    Compel Disclosure-Affidavit in Support
Tips_063    Compel Disclosure-Affidavit in Opp
Tips_064    Compel Disclosure-Reply Affidavit
Tips_065    Compel Disclosure-Order
Tips_070    Protective Order-Notice of Motion
Tips_071     Protective Order-Order to Show Cause
Tips_072    Protective Order-Client Aff in Supp
Tips_073     Protective Order-Client Aff in Opposition
Tips_074    Protective Order-Client Reply Affidavit
Tips_075    Protective Order-Atty Affidavit Support
Tips_076    Protective Order-Atty Affidavit Opp
Tips_077    Protective Order-Atty Reply Affidavit
Tips_078    Protective Order—Order
Tips_080    Guardian Ad-Litem-Notice of Motion
Tips_081    Guardian Ad-Litem-Order to Show Cause
Tips_082    Guardian Ad-Litem-Atty Affidavit in Supp
Tips_083    Guardian Ad-Litem-Atty Affidavit in Opp
Tips_084    Guardian Ad-Litem-Atty Reply Affidavit
Tips_085    Guardian Ad-Litem-Expert Aff in Support
Tips_086    Guardian Ad-Litem-Witness Affidavit
Tips_087    Guardian Ad-Litem-Order
Tips_090    CPLR§321-Order to Show Cause
Tips_091    CPLR§321-Atty Affidavit in Support
Tips_092    CPLR§321-Supplemental Aff in Support
Tips_093    CPLR§321-Atty Affidavit in Opp
Tips_094    CPLR§321-Atty Affidavit in Reply
Tips_095    CPLR§321-Order
Tips_100    Contempt-Notice of Motion
Tips_101    Contempt-Order to Show Cause
Tips_102    Contempt-Client Affidavit in Support
Tips_103    Contempt-Client Affidavit in Opposition
Tips_104    Contempt-Client Reply Affidavit
Tips_105    Contempt-Atty Affidavit in Support
Tips_106    Contempt-Atty Affidavit in Opposition
Tips_107    Contempt-Atty Affidavit in Reply
Tips_108    Contempt-Order
Tips_120    Amend Pleadings-Notice of Motion
Tips_121    Amend Pleadings-Order to Show Cause
Tips_122    Amend Pleadings-Client Affidavit Supp
Tips_123    Amend Pleadings-Client Affidavit Opp
Tips_124    Amend Pleadings-Client Reply Affidavit
Tips_125    Amend Pleadings-Atty Affidavit Supp
Tips_126    Amend Pleadings-Atty Affidavit Opp
Tips_127    Amend Pleadings-Atty Reply Affidavit
Tips_128    Amend Pleadings-Order
Tips_130    Motion to Reargue-Notice of Motion
Tips_131    Motion to Reargue-Order to Show Cause
Tips_132    Motion to Reargue-Client Affidavit Supp
Tips_133    Motion to Reargue-Client Affidavit Opp
Tips_134    Motion to Reargue-Client Reply Aff
Tips_135    Motion to Reargue-Atty Affidavit Supp
Tips_136    Motion to Reargue-Atty Affidavit Opp
Tips_137    Motion to Reargue-Atty Reply Affidavit
Tips_138    Motion to Reargue-Order
Tips_139     Attorney Certification
Tips_140    Motion for Stay-Notice of Motion
Tips_141    Motion for Stay-Order to Show Cause
Tips_142    Motion for Stay-Client Aff in Supp
Tips_143    Motion for Stay-Client Aff in Opp
Tips_144    Motion for Stay-Client Aff in Reply
Tips_145    Motion for Stay-Atty Aff in Supp
Tips_146    Motion for Stay-Atty Aff in Opp
Tips_147     Motion for Stay-Atty Aff in Reply
Tips_149    Motion for Stay-Order

Tips_150    Demand for Statement of Net Worth
Tips_151    Notice fro Discovery and Inspection
Tips_152    Notice to Take Oral Dep of Opp Party
Tips_153    Subpoena to Take Third Party Deposition
Tips_155    Notice Pursuant to CPLR§ 3101(d)
Tips_156    Notice of Physical, Mental or Blood Exam
Tips_157    Attorney’s Affirmation of Compliance
Tips_158    Notice CPLR§ 3116
Tips_161    Medical Authorization
Tips_162    Authorization to Release Info (Employer)
Tips_163    Authorization to Release Financial Info
Tips_166    Subpoena Duces Tecum (Bank)
Tips_167    Subpoena Duces Tecum (Employer)
Tips_168    Subpoena Duces Tecum (Opposing Client)
Tips_171    Interrogatories: General, Realty
Tips_172    Interrogatories: Income, Misc, Pers Asset
Tips_173    Interrogatories: Pensions
Tips_208    Discovery Order


Tips_180    Separation Agreement
Tips_187    Memorandum of Separation Agreement

Official Format Default Forms
Tips_803    Summons with Notice (UD-1)
Tips_806    Summons (UD-1a)
Tips_809    Verified Complaint (UD-2)
Tips_812    Affidavit of Service (UD-3)
Tips_815    Removal of Barriers w/Aff of Serv (UD-4 & 4A)
Tips_818    Affirmation (Affidavit) of Regularity (UD-5)
Tips_821    Affidavit of Plaintiff (UD-6)
Tips_824    Affid of Defendant in Action for Div (UD-7)
Tips_827    Note of Issue-Uncontested Div (UD-9)
Tips_832     QMCSO (UD-8b)
Tips_833    Post Card-Matrimonial Action
Tips_836    Findings of Fact & Conc of Law (UD-10)
Tips_838    Judgment of Divorce (UD-11)
Tips_830    Notice of Entry (UD-12)
Tips_831     Income Deduction Order
Tips_226    Divorce and Child Support Summary (UD-113)
Tips_501     Support Collection Unit Information Sheet (UD-8a)

Alternate Format Default Forms
Tips_010    Summons with Notice (Divorce)
Tips_012    Verified Complaint
Tips_015    Affidavit Pursuant to DRL §75-j
Tips_016    Affidavit Pursuant to DRL §75-j (Plural)
Tips_017    Affidavit of Service by Mail
Tips_018    Affidavit of Service (Commencing Action)
Tips_019    Statement of Service by Mail (CPLR 312-a)
Tips_189    Affidavit of Adoption of Oral Stipulation
Tips_190    Notice of Motion DRL §211
Tips_191    Atty Affirmation of Regularity
Tips_192    Defendant Aff in Lieu of Oral Testimony
Tips_193    Plaintiff Aff in Lieu of Oral Testimony
Tips_194    Non-Military Affidavit
Tips_195    Defendant’s Aff Pursuant to DRL §253
Tips_196    Defendant’s Aff-Waiver of DRL §253
Tips_197    Defendant’s Aff DRL §253 (doesn’t apply)
Tips_198    Plaintiff’s Aff Pursuant to DRL §253
Tips_199    Plaintiff’s Aff-Waiver of DRL §253
Tips_200    Plaintiff’s Aff DRL §253 (doesn’t apply)
Tips_201    Stipulation and Consent to Default
Tips_202    Admission of Service
Tips_203    Stipulation on Default Matrimonial
Tips_204    Note of Issue/Cert of Readiness
Tips_209    findings of Fact/Conclusions of Law
Tips_215    Judgment of Divorce (Default)
Tips_217    Findings of Fact (Agreement)
Tips_218    Judgment of Divorce (Default-Agreement)
Tips_226    Divorce and Child Support Summary (UCS 113)
Tips_825     Defendants Consent refer Uncon’d Mat. Action

Tips_751    Divorce and Child Support Summary (UCS 111)
Tips-228     Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage
Tips_230    QDRO (Plaintiff is Participant)
Tips_231    QDRO (Defendant is Participant)
Tips_232    QMCSO (Plaintiff is Participant)
Tips_233    QMCSO (Defendant is Participant)
Tips_240    Consent to Change Attorneys
Tips_350    Income Deduction Order

Family Court Forms

Tips_400    Petition for Custody/Visitation
Tips_401    Petition for Enforcement Custody/Visitation
Tips_402    Petition for Modification Custody/Visitation
Tips_406    Client Affidavit in Opposition
Tips_407    Client Reply Affidavit
Tips_409    Attorney Affidavit in Opposition
Tips_410    Attorney Reply Affidavit
Tips_420    Order of Custody/Visitation

Tips_500    Financial Disclosure Affidavit
Tips_510    Petition for Support
Tips_511    Petition for Enforcement of Support
Tips_512    Petition for Modification of Support
Tips_513    FCA 451 Aff Support of Modification

CSSA (NEW)     CSSA Worksheet - Official Format
CSSA          CSSA Worksheet MatMaster Format

Order of Protection
Tips_711    Order of Protection (GF5a)
Tips_712    Order of Protection (GF6)
Tips_713    Order of Protection (GF6a)
Tips_714     Affidavit for Mod. of Order of Protection (GF5c)
Tips_715     Summons Violation Order of Protection (G7)
Tips_717     Petition Violation Order of Protection (GF8)
Tips_720    Order of Disposition
Tips_721    Order Transfer Criminal Prosecution

Tips_750    Notice of Oral Deposition

Tips_751    Div and Child Support Summary (UCS-111)

Tips_403     Notice of Motion
Tips_404     Order to Show Cause
Tips_405     Client Affidavit in Support
Tips_408     Attorney Affidavit in Support
Tips_520     Notice of Motion
Tips_521     Order to Show Cause
Tips_522     Client Affidavit in Support
Tips 540     Paternity Petition (Parent) (5-1)
Tips_545     Order for Blood Genetics Marker (5-6)
Tips_548     Order of Filiation Support (5-8)

Tips_900     Attorney Fee Dispute
Tips_901     Attorney Fee Refund Dispute
Tips_902     Client Instructions for Fee Dispute
Tips_903     Client Request for Fee Arbitration
Tips_904     Attorney Request for Fee Arbitration
Tips_905     Attorney Response to Fee Arbitration
Tips_906     Client Response to Fee Arbitration Form A
Tips_907     Client Response to Fee Arbitration Form B
Tips_908     Arbitrator’s Oath or Affirmation
Tips_909     Mediator’s Oath or Affirmation
Tips_910     Notice of Arbitration Award
Tips_911     Notice of Final Binding Arbitration Award
Tips_912     Stipulation of Settlement
Tips_913     Arbitration Award
Tips_914     Consent to Resolve Fee Dispute Arbitration (137.2(b))
Tips_915     Consent to Submit Fee Dispute Arbitration (137.2(c))
Tips_916     Consent to Resolve Fee Dispute Mediation (137)
Tips_917     Consent to Final and Binding Arbitration (outside 137 under….)