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Books and Audio

Books and Audio

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Matlaw Systems Corp was founded in 1993 by Timothy M Tippins, Esq. to provide the family practitioner with the expert-based information and practice tools which will increase the professionalism. productivity, and profitability of their practice.

MatLaw has since become a valuable professional information resource for New York's family law bar. providing expert-based software systems, high-quality Continuing Legal Education programs, and specialized practice publications.

Simply stated, we help family law practitioners to become better lawyers - more informed, more educated, more effective, and more financially successful lawyers.


Having been a forensic accountant/appraiser in hundreds of matrimonial cases, there’s rarely a case involving a closely held business where the non-titled spouse doesn’t make an accusation of unreported income by the titled spouse or, at a minimum, significant personal expenses being run through the business and reported under the guise of legitimate business deductions.  Such allegations are generally intended to act as leverage during negotiations and to increase the value of the underlying business for equitable distribution purposes 

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